Friday, October 28, 2016

Block Builders Panel

Students in 102 have been creating amazing structures in the block area.  Today we enjoyed a presentation by Abby, Matthew, Charlie, and Jayden.  I asked each of them to tell us something about the creation that they made together.  They each had some time to speak about a part they built and the purpose it served in the whole creation.  Next we took questions from the audience!

Questions that were asked included:
Why are the diamonds on the top of those blocks?
What is the space inbetween the road and the lodge for?
What is the building in front of Abby used for?

Congratulations Eleeza and Sophie!

Eleeza and Sophie recieved a student of the week award today. They consistently follow the school rules.  I can count on them to look, listen, and care about what I am teaching daily.  Thanks Eleeza and Sophie for doing your best! 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cloud Show

Mr. Musselman visited our classroom and shared some information about Clouds!  We have been paying attention to the weather each day and talking about it at calendar each day.  Students expanded their knowledge about weather by learning the names of various types of clouds.

Mr. Musselman also created a cloud right here in our classroom!

When he was finished presenting Mr. Mussleman complemented the students on the great questions that they asked.  He said he is happy to visit us another time and bring more science related materials to show us!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pumpkin Exploration

Today we opened a pumpkin to see what we would find inside!

We discovered seeds, pulp and strands!  We also noticed the skin and stem on the outside of the pumpkin.  Next I emptied the guts onto a plate and asked the students to predict how many seeds came out of the pumpkin.  Here is what we all said:

Abby - 101
Braeden - 96
Cameron - 1,100
Charlie - 12
Eleeza - 160
Jason - 90
Jayden - 103
Kaden - 110
Lila - 150
Matthew - 108
Nathan - 99
Nea - 92
Sofia - 20
Mrs. Gordon - 80
Miss Trahan - 192

Next, I separated the seeds from the strands and used ten frames to count them out. 512 was the real total! I was WAY off! Miss Trahan and Cameron had the closest guesses. Students enjoyed the sights and smells of the pumpkin. (note: I did all of the cutting and handling of the pumpkin)

Monday, October 24, 2016

My Wild Self!

Mr. Donoff invited us to his classroom this afternoon to give the chromebooks a try.  Students had an opportunity to use a website called as a means to practice using the track pad and keyboard.  Various animal parts were put together to create a silly picture of themselves!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Congratulations Jason!!

Jason has shown Appropriate Safe and Kind behavior consistently at school.  I nominated him this week to receive a Student of the Week Award!

Friday was fantastic!

Hello All!  
Flashlight Friday was a hit! Students were excited to share their stories with friends and teachers. Many students found sight words by shinning their light on their book. Other students chose to tell the story by looking at the pictures. Storytelling and visual discrimination play major roles in successful literacy development.

Friday afternoon we had a special visitor! Miss Pavlicek was here and taught us about owls. As we prepare for our trip to the zoo, we are learning to notice similarities and differences between living and non-living things. We also talked about the traits that animals have when they belong in the bird family.

If an owl were as tall as us, their eyes would be this BIG!

Did you know that owl eyes can not move inside their head the way ours do?  They have to turn their entire head to look in various directions.
Owls use their wings to keep their balance on a perch.

Do you know what owls use their beaks for?  To talk to each other!  Miss Pavlicek brought with her samples of owls calling to each other.

Wish List updated 11/18

These items are helpful throughout the year:
Items in bold are running low 
  • anti-bacterial hand wipes or baby wipes
  • small items to be used as prizes
  • zip lock baggies (any size)
  • brown paper lunch bags
  • absorbent paper towels
  • sturdy soft tissues
Thanks for your support and generosity!!