Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Flashlight Friday

Hello Families!

We are so pleased to tell you that our pom pom jar is full!  This means that the students in room 102 have earned their first whole-class reward.  We are planning a “Flashlight Friday” this Friday, October 21st. Students are invited to bring in a small flashlight, headlamp, or reading light and their favorite story to share with their friends.  Please label your items so they do not get mixed up.  If you can not find these items on this short notice, let us know so we can provide enough for every student.  We are so proud of your children. They are good friends to each other and kind members of our classroom community!

Stacey & Katharine

Bus Safety & Fire Drill

Officer Schipelliti visited us today to explain appropriate, safe, and kind (ASK) behavior at the bus stop, crossing the street, and while riding the bus.  

Next we boarded the bus where a bus driver pointed out the emergency exits and explained the procedure for exiting the bus in an emergency.  Teachers helped students safely hop down and form a line away from the bus.

Later we experienced a fire drill where we exited our classroom using the door that goes to the soccer field. Students walked safely and listened carefully for directions. We gathered in the teacher parking lot and lined up by class. Everyone did a great job staying calm and safe!