Friday, September 16, 2016

Day 5

Students are getting used to the materials and how to use them.  Wonderful imaginations!!

Cat, Bat.  Car, Duck, Truck.  We love to rhyme in 102!

Ms. Trahan managed a table today where students use items to think rhyming words.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 4: Dancing, Math, Read Aloud, & Recess

Students in room 102 are enjoying moving to music.

Look at those hands raised!  Lot's of participation going on in class.

Mr. Lord (our k-5 ELL teacher) joined us today to read a story to the class.  He will be working with some of our students throughout the year so he wanted to introduce himself to everyone.

Creative minds at work!  Some students chose to work together and some wanted to work alone.  I asked them to create a design using geometric shapes and teddy bear counters.  Each one is unique!  

"The Rhyming Song" has been a hit!

Grateful for good weather this week!

Day 3

In this picture the whole class is taking some time to stretch and give their brain a break!

After recess the students have been enjoying a few minutes of quiet time to help them get back in the right state of mind.  In this picture they are enjoying Tony Bennett's "The Playground Song".

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 2: Happy Tuesday!

Today we did a warm up during morning meeting called "Stretch it Out".

We also practiced writing our names,

thought about our hopes & dreams,

 browsed through some books, 

and drew a picture for a journal entry!

I'm so pleased with how everyone is settling into the school routine!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 1: Success!

Please read the letter that was sent home from Mr. Lyons regarding Mrs. Petelle's maternity leave beginning today!  Ms. Trahan and I are thrilled for the Petelle family!
On to news from today We had a terrific day!  All the students came to school ready to listen and work hard.  Ms. Trahan and I are impressed with everyone's ability to follow directions and use kindergarten behavior in the hallway and classroom.

Students practiced walking in a straight and quiet line through the hallways.
(They did get a little excited when I took their picture.)

 Students explored some math materials that we will be using for counting practice and other math concepts throughout the year.  I heard lots of conversations going on between students as I walked around the room!

We finished the day with a closing circle where we each had a turn to tell everyone which part of the day was our favorite.  About half the class said "the whole day!"