Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pumpkin Exploration

Today we opened a pumpkin to see what we would find inside!

We discovered seeds, pulp and strands!  We also noticed the skin and stem on the outside of the pumpkin.  Next I emptied the guts onto a plate and asked the students to predict how many seeds came out of the pumpkin.  Here is what we all said:

Abby - 101
Braeden - 96
Cameron - 1,100
Charlie - 12
Eleeza - 160
Jason - 90
Jayden - 103
Kaden - 110
Lila - 150
Matthew - 108
Nathan - 99
Nea - 92
Sofia - 20
Mrs. Gordon - 80
Miss Trahan - 192

Next, I separated the seeds from the strands and used ten frames to count them out. 512 was the real total! I was WAY off! Miss Trahan and Cameron had the closest guesses. Students enjoyed the sights and smells of the pumpkin. (note: I did all of the cutting and handling of the pumpkin)