Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hello Families,

I am amazed at all the requests to chaperone our trip to the zoo!  If you have not attended a confidentiality meeting yet, it's not too late!  Please call the main office and ask to arrange a meeting with Mr. Lyons for that purpose.  I am looking forward to showing the students around Franklin Park and noticing all the living creatures. We will also take notice of the weather and how if effects our choice of clothing for our trip.  I will send a note home letting you know if you have been chosen as a chaperone next week.

In preparation for our trip I read the book What's Alive? by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott.  Throughout the book we stopped to talk about the traits of being alive.  

Image result for what's alive kathleen weidner zoehfeld

Journal writing is going well.  I am challenging students to leave spaces between their words. Techniques I am currently teaching are sounding out words, copy words from the word wall, leave a space between words, and punctuation at the end of your thought.  We have a range of ability as there should be in Kindergarten!  Some students are working on sounding out one word while others are putting words together to form a sentence.

Ms. Horton continues to visit our classroom to run a small group activity focusing on rhyming words or beginning sounds.  The letters we have introduced up to this point are t,b,f,n,m,i,u and c. Ask your child what the keyword is for each letter.  The keyword is a reminder for what sound that letter usually makes.

Our afternoons have been filled with calendar, weather, and math. Students are getting the hang of yesterday, today and tomorrow as we continue to review the days of the week.  We have been noticing the weather daily and relating it to the way we are dressed each day.  We started Topic 2: Compare Numbers 0-5.  We are using red/yellow counters, teddy bear counters, and other items to make groups and compare them.

I am so pleased with the students of room 102!