Sunday, October 23, 2016

Friday was fantastic!

Hello All!  
Flashlight Friday was a hit! Students were excited to share their stories with friends and teachers. Many students found sight words by shinning their light on their book. Other students chose to tell the story by looking at the pictures. Storytelling and visual discrimination play major roles in successful literacy development.

Friday afternoon we had a special visitor! Miss Pavlicek was here and taught us about owls. As we prepare for our trip to the zoo, we are learning to notice similarities and differences between living and non-living things. We also talked about the traits that animals have when they belong in the bird family.

If an owl were as tall as us, their eyes would be this BIG!

Did you know that owl eyes can not move inside their head the way ours do?  They have to turn their entire head to look in various directions.
Owls use their wings to keep their balance on a perch.

Do you know what owls use their beaks for?  To talk to each other!  Miss Pavlicek brought with her samples of owls calling to each other.