Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 1: Success!

Please read the letter that was sent home from Mr. Lyons regarding Mrs. Petelle's maternity leave beginning today!  Ms. Trahan and I are thrilled for the Petelle family!
On to news from today We had a terrific day!  All the students came to school ready to listen and work hard.  Ms. Trahan and I are impressed with everyone's ability to follow directions and use kindergarten behavior in the hallway and classroom.

Students practiced walking in a straight and quiet line through the hallways.
(They did get a little excited when I took their picture.)

 Students explored some math materials that we will be using for counting practice and other math concepts throughout the year.  I heard lots of conversations going on between students as I walked around the room!

We finished the day with a closing circle where we each had a turn to tell everyone which part of the day was our favorite.  About half the class said "the whole day!"